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I am awed, humbled, honoured and touched by the generosity of my friends.

To the extent that I'm actually even feeling a little bit more social, despite a really terrible day yesterday.

My older dog (by older I mean one and a half instead of one, they're really both puppies) was adopted from a rescue, and he had a limp when we got him. That's him, Coho, in my icon. It turns out that, at the vet's best guess, he broke his paw before he was rescued and it healed itself, quite badly. Anyhow, while playing in the backyard with Leonard he re-fractured it, and it won't heal itself because there's a bone chip in the way that needs to be removed.

We finally got our surgery estimate yesterday, and it's going to come in at about $3000, although we're checking with other vets to see if there's someone who will give us a lower estimate, even slightly. That's a lot of cash. Because of it, I'm cancelling my trip to New Orleans and possibly my trip to Vegas too, to try and afford this.

While I was freaking out, crying, and screaming FUCK so loudly that it resonated across the intartubes, my friends at the CaliCan dog rescue, who we adopted our other dog from, were putting together a donations page and spreading it out over the internet. Money has come in already, and I cried tears of joy this morning when I saw that there were a few hundred dollars already.

I'd feel too guilty posting that link and just asking for money, BUT I am mounting a fundraiser of my own! I make buttons, magnets and keychains of the 1" variety. I just finished a bunch for Slytherin House at [ profile] hogwartsishome that I'm going to mail out, but I can put any image at all on them.

So HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to get custom buttons, magnets or keychains AND help my pup get his surgery at the same time! All you have to do is head over to this page, a temporary internet store, where you can place your order for whatever you desire.

Hints: If you've got a treasured pet of your own, get their picture! My keys are on a Coho keychain. If you're a mom, you could make magnets of your kids as a gift for grandparents. If you're a Harry Potter lover like me, how about you get your house crest on a set of one button, one magnet and one keychain?

To go with it, of course, you'd have my eternal love and gratitude.

Again, here's that link to get your own awesome personalized swag and help a very dear, loving pup.


Also: WE STILL LOVE YOU IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY! That's totally okay. If you just want to send Coho a virtual tummyrub (AKA his favourite thing in the world) I will pass it on to him as soon as I get home from work. :D
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These are icons I've made for various icon contests, and I thought that they might be interesting to a few of you!

Mostly Harry Potter, but you get one Star Wars novel cover, and one Percy Jackson.

Everything here. )

Credit to [ profile] pixie_riot is sincerely appreciated. Comments are LOOOOOOVE!
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Today: 36 text icons
Inspired by some cute doodle brushes, this is my idea of how Hogwarts students would doodle in their coil notebooks if they were muggles!

Created for [ profile] hogwartsicons, sharing with the rest of you now. :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

This way to the rest! )Credit to [ profile] pixie_riot is certainly appreciated.

Comments are LOVE!
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Really excited today to submit icons to two LIMS communities today!

[ profile] frontier_lims

[ profile] starwars_lims

Even though I didn't do well in the current HiH LIMS, I'm hoping these go better for me. ;-)

I know there are some really talented icon makers on my flist, so you should think about trying these out if you love Star Wars and/or Star Trek!

ETA: Okay, make that three LIMS, because there's a Supernatural one too!

[ profile] likethegun_lims
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In case any of you, my darling LJ friends, are RPers... the Harry Potter AU game I play in, Semper Immortalis, is looking for new players.

In particular, I need adult friends at Hogwarts for Headmaster Snape, the boy who always lives in my head, or perhaps for my adult DE Amycus Carrow even.

If it sounds like something fun, you should check it out and see if you're interested. Pleeeeeease, for my Severus's sake! :)
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This post today is for my fellow Team Read members over at [ profile] crimeland, because who doesn't want pretty sigtags of our favourite Genius!

Any tag in this post can be customized with your name. I've used some of my favourite Reid references. I hope you'll enjoy them! Feel free to "order" as many as you want.

This way to Dr. Reid! )

<3 from Pixie of Team Genius!

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